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Protecting the envir­onment and nature

Nature provides us with the setting for our outdoor activities, and protecting nature is thus funda­mental to our existence and our live­lihoods. This is why we as a company have committed ourselves to protecting the envir­onment and nature, using resources conscien­tiously. This applies both to our direct envir­on­mental impacts resulting from our business oper­ations and to our production sites. View story …

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Ethical manu­fac­turing

Trust, honesty and respect. – These values guide us in our daily dealings with our employees and customers. They apply not only to us, but also to our business partners and producers, both inside and outside Germany. View story …


When it comes to our products, we at LOWA focus on perfect fit, a high level of func­tionality, a contem­porary design and tech­no­logical innovation. Our products are also made to last, which is huge benefit for the envir­onment. View story …

Production locations

As an industry leader operating in the age of glob­al­isation, LOWA applies a philosophy of “Made in Europe” to guarantee the best product quality, fair wages and social benefits for employees. This is enshrined in our Code of Conduct. View story …

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Mission Statement

With this mission statement, we aim to provide our staff and other stake­holders with a clear overview of what LOWA stands for in each of the relevant fields. What is it that defines our brand and our identity, what is our philosophy, what are our values and how do we understand the idea of respons­ibility. View story …

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Giving back

Working together with a number of partners and athletes, we endeavour to help disad­vantaged indi­viduals around the world. As well as donating money, we do what makes most sense for a company like ours: we donate footwear. View story …

The company

LOWA is a company with a long tradition based in the Bavarian town of Jetzendorf. What started off as a small shoe­making business has gone on to become a global outdoor brand that sells its products around the world. View story …

Durability means sustain­ability

The tables are packed with rattling equipment. The air is filled with sounds of sanding, the humming of the cold chamber and the occa­sional beep emitted when a test object fails to measure up. LOWA’s lab in Jetzendorf, Germany, is a key aspect of the shoe­maker’s commitment to high-quality products. View story …

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