Ethical manu­fac­turing

Trust, honesty and respect.

Trust, honesty and respect. – These values guide us in our daily dealings with our employees and customers. They apply not only to us, but also to our business partners and producers, both inside and outside Germany.

We believe it is our respons­ibility to ensure fair working conditions throughout the supply chain. In order to guarantee this, we have created the LOWA Code of Conduct, which sets out our ethical, envir­on­mental and social standards. These standards apply to our production site in Germany as well as to both our own and third-party production facilities in other countries. Here too, we expect our standards of conduct to be rigorously upheld.

LOWA accepts a company as a business partner only if it pledges to observe the social, envir­on­mental and governance standards set out in the LOWA Code of Conduct and commits to the Code in writing.

LOWA-Code of Conduct (CoC)

LOWA requires its business partners and producers to sign the LOWA Code of Conduct (CoC), which is based on inter­na­tional standards such as the prin­ciples of the UN Global Compact, the ILO (Inter­na­tional Labour Organ­isation) Core Labour Standards and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The CoC governs envir­on­mental matters as well as occu­pa­tional health and safety.

Of course, it also covers working hours and wages, overtime, bonuses and extra pay, dismissal protection, paid sick leave and maternity leave.

Other key matters covered by our CoC include anti-discrim­ination, prevention of bribery and corruption, the right to organise and freedom of asso­ciation, the right to join a union and a ban on child labour, forced labour and discip­linary measures.

The Code of Conduct is commu­nicated to all employees in their respective national languages. In addition, the content of the Code is commu­nicated in the form of notices displayed at the sites and, if need be, in training sessions.

  • Free bus routes to the workplace for LOWA employees

    Free bus routes to the workplace for LOWA employees

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Internal and external audits

We ensure that our LOWA Code of Conduct is upheld by conducting regular internal audits. On-site visits at the production sites are carried out at least once every two years.

In 2022, we went a step further and brought in addi­tional third-party audits of our sites. The support provided by inde­pendent auditors not only serves the purposes of review and trans­parency – its primary purpose is to help identify and exploit devel­opment potential together with our production partners.

While touring the company’s factories, the auditors gain an impression of general working conditions and safety-relevant aspects. They examine a range of documents, including payslips and contracts, talk with managers and interview indi­vidual employees. LOWA makes sure that at least one of the auditors speaks the language of the country where the facility is located.

Member of the Fair Wear Foundation

Since the beginning of 2023, LOWA has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, an inter­na­tionally active, inde­pendent non-profit organ­isation based in Amsterdam. The Fair Wear Foundation works with manu­fac­turers and companies from the textile and footwear industry to improve working conditions along the entire supply chain.

Through membership, we commit to fair and responsible production processes along our entire supply chain and to their continuous improvement. The Fair Wear Foundation gives us clear guidelines regarding working and production conditions in our own factories and those of our production partners. The results are published in so-called Brand Performance Checks.

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Point of contact for complaints and tip-offs

LOWA assumes that all its employees and business partners will act in an upright and correct manner. However, we realise that viol­ations of legal regu­lations and/or the guidelines contained in our Code of Conduct may still occa­sionally occur. For this reason, we encourage all employees and business partners to commu­nicate any concerns they may have,

  • where possible to their immediate supervisor, in order to remedy the situation.
  • For instances when this is not desired or possible, LOWA has introduced an anonymous point of contact for complaints and tip-offs. It can be reached at the following address:
  • csr_qr_whistle-report-link

Tel.: +49 800 3800 999

Tel.: +49 69 9999 8838

Legal Ombud­sperson:

Karin Holloch


Achen­bach­straße 8

D-40237 Düsseldorf (Germany)

Tel.: +49 211 540 11 330


We encourage staff to lodge a complaint or provide a tip-off in the even that they become aware of any viol­ations of the Code of Conduct. LOWA will take each tip-off seriously and pursue it. It will also protect the whis­tleblower. Business partners are likewise not permitted to take any discip­linary action against an employee for whis­tleblowing.

Audit results and eval­uation

The audit results are docu­mented and presented in a closing discussion. Any viol­ations will be recorded in a corrective action plan and a report. They must be rectified within a reas­onable amount of time. We do our best to support our business partners and producers in this process. We view the imple­mentation of the Code of Conduct as a joint, cooperative respons­ibility aimed at safe­guarding fair working conditions along the supply chain.

If serious viol­ations of the CoC occur and are not corrected despite our assistance, LOWA retains the right to terminate the business rela­tionship. However, all our current business rela­tionships have existed for at least five years, and most of them have been in place for 10 years or more.